AirDesign Volt 3 SM/DotU Test series

With a 6.5 aspect ratio, AirDesign 2018/2019 introduces its C paraglider.
The construction is really well done. All lines are unsheathed with 2 lines on the a ´ s on each side. 
The AirDesign Volt 3 comes out really well and simply blows up, for this aspect ratio. The start is immediate.

The braking distance was slightly short, but I made it 3 cm longer. I flew the AirDesign Volt 3 SM at 90 to 95.
It's quite nice at 90 in all conditions, but I found it best at 93.

The brake pressure is slightly less than the Artik 5I had tested before and slightly more than Alpina 3 MS.
The information of the air in moderate conditions is filtered and the pilot senses it moderately. A little more informative than the Artik 5, which is sometimes too subdued and not as informative as the Sector s, but rather towards a Delta 3, with a comfortable feeling with more movements and a slight gradient feedback, which is very good!

Only 10 cm is required to control the AirDesign Volt 3 in moderate conditions. In turbulent cores more train is needed to turn and you have to shift a bit of weight. I could describe the agility as a little less than the Alpina 3 Ms with 92 and pretty close to the Artik 5 24 with 93, but with small strong, turbulent thermals, I have to insist more on my weight shift and my brake cable to achieve a ' similar ' agility as with Artik 5 To achieve. Under these conditions, a good dosage of the brake is needed in order to turn it efficiently.
With well-built homogeneous thermals, the agility of the AirDesign Volt 3 is really nice. As soon as he enters, he quickly rises to the core and climbs quickly.

Climbing skills:
The last glider I flew was the Artik 5 and I was impressed by the climb of this glider. Flying the AirDesign Volt 3 next to the Artik 5, the following week and a LM6 (mantra light) gave me a better idea of the Volt 3 in terms of climbing speed.
It is a blessing, sometimes when I fly new paragliders for testing that will surprise me positively... And the AirDesign Volt 3 has indeed opened my eyes, through its incredible climbing skills! Later, with the other new C gliders in the air, I was thrilled to test it and am totally convinced that the Volt 3, as the best climber in its category stands out! In the case of weak thermals, the glider rises very well and very quickly in strong cores!
There is no backward twist, but a slight train in the direction of thermals.

Glide angle:
With some gliders next to the Artik 5, Alpina 3, even LM6, I noticed that the AirDesign Volt 3 is good to place in the upper C category and it could easily keep up with the sliding angle of the LM6 or at least almost...
I had to go into the gas easily (2-3 cm) to achieve the same trim speed of the Artik 5 with exactly the same glide angle.
Gliding with acceleration (50%) in turbulent air is pleasant with the Volt 3, and the C-ascent control is very efficient by pulling down to avoid overvoltages, in case of severe turbulence, which however rarely occur, since the leading edge is very stable and Solid. I was able to push full confidence in a variety of conditions. Gliding at full acceleration corresponds to the best C-gliders of the present.

For a C-glider with 6.5 ratio, the AirDesign volt 3 is very pleasant to fly. The overall movement in the air is similar to the Alpina 3, but the altitude of the Volt 3 is slightly higher.
It corresponds in comfort to the Artik 5, with a little more piloting. If I wanted to express it in numbers to give you an idea, I would say 15% more than the A5 on pilot level and 20% more than the Alpina 3.

The ears are stable and large, as there are only 2 lines on the a ´ s.  They are very efficient and open up again by a light action of the pilot. Totally usable and a nice feature for a simple sink rate.

Conclusion AirDesign Volt 3:

After the rise 3 there is another very good xc potential with the AirDesign Volt 3! I'm pretty sure a good C-pilot has a great time with this XC machine!
Easy for a 6.5 ar, comfortable to fly in big air when it is properly loaded, climbs like a dream, has an excellent glide angle and is among the top C's.
Be sure to test and post your feedback! 🙂



Screen test and release by Ziad Bassil ()

Thank you Ziad for your support!

Source of the contribution pictures: AirDesign

Thank you AirDesign for Lending!!!


Source of videos: Youtubekanal by Marco Francazi