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Fly and do you like to write and want to create your own paragliding blog? Or you're just in the beginning of the paragliding training and would like to tell about your experiences during your training step by step? Then my BlogService maybe for you is a convenient way to your experience without sharing effort with others.

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Under""you get a related topic domain of your choice by me. I set up the necessary sub domain (with your name) and friends to install the required blog software (WordPress) as a basic installation. Thus you can without installation frippery stress free start your own Blogprojekt and just start writing.

Or do you already have your own blog on WordPress or blogsport or other Bloganbietern? Why do you not change on The keyword relevance of my domain is strong, probably one of the strongest on the subject of paragliding in German-speaking countries:

BlogService - your Gleitschirmblog

Every month approximately 24,000 queries in German-speaking through Google with the search term "Paragliding" give up your blog in the future the necessary Keywordrelevanz to find better in search results.

You can with free of charge also the WordPress plugins used on my page (E.g. the fee-based picture gallery) for your own blog. And on request, I give you still appropriate tips for search engine optimization of your site or individual posts. A better search engine ranking means more visitors, mean more readers means more potential means more fun...

The best comes at the end: what does my service cost you? Nothing...! On if you are interested just write me.