DUDEK Colt 2 S (DotU test)

This is the first Dudek paraglider I fly for testing.

The construction of the Dudek Colt 2 appears with all its unsheathed lines very well done, with a medium linen thickness, compared to the one of a Cayenne 5, which has slightly more minimalist lines. With the great color combinations, my overall impression of the quality of linen, straps, cloth, and workmanship is outstanding.

The start with the S in a 90s setup goes well. The braking distance is long. Too long to my liking... The entry edge responds after 10 cm braking distance, but the glider needs more than + 30 cm to get into the corners, especially in turbulent thermal cores. Fast reactions are therefore difficult to implement quickly, which was not really from a Manufacturer who builds very good Akroflügel.

In strong small thermal centers I was sometimes pushed out and I had to be more stubborn to drinzubleiben.

I can say that the Dudek Colt 2 S is a comfortable wing for the middle C category. But it could be more relaxed if the pilot had more brake control to guide the glider into turbulence and strong thermals where and when he wants it.

In the sliding comparison next to a Cayenne 5 xs, which was loaded at 94, I had the impression that the Dudek Colt 2 has a moderate to good sliding angle. Not the same as the Cayenne 5, but close. I can say that the speed of the climb and also the gliding are very good for the middle C category. The trim speed of the Dudek Colt 2 at 90 kg is up to 0.5 km/h lower than the C5 xs at 94 kg.

Conclusion: I wish Dudek would work on the brake geometry of the Dudek Colt 2 S to give him more guidance on the brakes. Otherwise, the Dudek Colt 2 S is a nice, moderate C-wing in comfort, climbing, gliding and with very good manufacturing details.


Screen test and release by Ziad Bassil ()www.DustoftheUniverse.com)

Thank you Ziad for your support!

Source of the gallery images: www.DustoftheUniverse.com

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