FLOW Cosmos test / DotU test series

Flow is an Australian company offering a new range of gliders. In the PWC every pilot saw their new EN-D 2-Liner (XC-Racer), which delivered good competition results.
Here's your new Mid B glider, the Flow Cosmos in size S.

The construction and details of the Flow Cosmos are fine. The lines are thick and I think Flow is very conservative about his lines in the cosmos. I don't think these lines will turn after intensive use. They are thicker than all Low-B umbrellas or even some A umbrellas.

The launch of the Flow Cosmos S at 92 goes smoothly. The glider fills relatively evenly, without a doubt like an A-glider.

In the air the brake pressure is moderate and somewhat long, but certainly recommended for this category!
The steering control of the size S is good, so that the pilot can easily place the Cosmos if desired. It has no sharp braking effect like the Ion 5 XS, which accompanied me the whole flight, but it is certainly easier to master than with an Ion 5.

In turbulent air the Flow Cosmos S has moderate to calm movements for the category. It's not really overwhelming and it's not boring either. Just the necessary information.
The rate of ascent of the Flow Cosmos in weak and strong air could be very close to Ion 5 XS, which has one of the best ascents in the low B segment. The overall climb rate is very good.
The steering control allows the pilot to center the Flow Cosmos within a thermal core without excessive movement of the paraglider in turbulent air, resulting in an efficient climb.

Next to me was the Ion 5 in size XS and we made several sliding movements. The Ion 5 glided slightly better at trim speed and top speed. The configuration and diameter of the Ion 5 lines are similar to those of the Mentor 5 and are about half the thickness of the Flow Cosmos. It was a little obvious to see that difference.
At maximum speed, when the wheels of the accelerator touched, and after 4 seconds of holding the maximum speed, the leading edge of the Cosmos had horizontal wrinkles after the A attachment points, and the leading edge decreased slightly with a decrease in speed. Pressure loss, and I release two inches before it collapses, everything normalized with a speed recovery.
Tried the top speed 5 times with the same results. 1 cm before the pulleys touch, everything is fine.

The ears need a strong pull because the pressure on the wing appears high. They reopen without pilot intervention. The induced lateral collapse behaves like an A-glider.

Conclusion Flow Cosmos

The Cosmos is a simple B-glider with good handling and climbing ability. I see that Flow calls a good price for the cosmos. When it comes to Budegt, the Flow Cosmos has a good ratio of usability / comfort / longevity for a B umbrella.

The Flow Cosmos S was purchased and shipped especially for the tests in my blog. I flew for a week and wrote the test. After Flow had read my tests, I was told that the factory had accidentally installed M-risers on my Cosmos S and this was the cause of the pressure loss.
The S-Risers arrived and installed in 15 minutes. The pulleys on the speed bar were 2 cm shorter, as indicated on the certification sheet I later received from Flow.

This week was very windy, but I really wanted to test the Flow Cosmos S. The wind at the start was about 30-35 km / h, which is quite strong for a B. Yet my conscience killed me just to cope with the misfortune. The start was easy and the Flow Cosmos didn't shoot at all. There was some turbulence in the air, but the cosmos was very gentle. By using Full Bar the Cosmos S with its original risers offered a stiff, learned leading edge and the speed was 8-9 km / h above the trim, which is completely usable without pressure loss.
Now I am glad that the bug has been fixed.

I really hope that every pilot would understand that I am just a pilot like everyone else. I get a public wing and fly with it for test purposes. It's not my fault. I am not a professional representative or representative of companies that all have my deepest respect and appreciation.
And that doesn't sometimes stop me from exchanging ideas, but certainly not during the tests.

I apologize if a party has been offended by my writings. Probably I should have contacted Flow... But how can I provide a crystal clear picture of exactly what I was flying?

After all, the Flow Cosmos S is, as I said before, a very comfortable glider in category B, with a nice and forgiving handling.


Screen test and release by Ziad Bassil ()www.DustoftheUniverse.com)

Thank you Ziad for your support!

Source of the contribution pictures: ZiadBassil

Thank Ziadyou so much for borrowing!!!


Source of videos: Youtubekanal by Flow Paragliders Italia