The Gin gliders Bolero 6, gin training-suitable entry level A-glider successfully completed the model test of the DHV in the sizes XXS, XS, S, M and XL.

According to the manufacturer, the gin gliders bolero has been a reliable basis for thousands of pilots to learn paragliding since its introduction in the year 1999, from the first steps of the practice slope to the carefree gliding under the clouds.

The Gin gliders Bolero 6 is perfect for training and is the first choice for all pilots who want to fly relaxed and safe. The screen offers the right mix of functionality and feedback that allows the pilot to carry out the flying in a simple and intuitive manner and to develop it progressively.

2nd generation EPT for improved take-off behaviour

The second stage of the EPT (Equalized pressure Technology) system, a numerical method for calculating the optimal parameters for a particular profile, gives the Bolero 6 exceptional flight characteristics. EPT brings a total of improvements that are especially interesting for pilots who want to fly easily and carefree: long and progressive braking, a very low minimum speed combined with a striking stable point and an extremely high Cap stability.

In addition, the Bolero 6 has further optimizations compared to its predecessor. Simple, continuous start-up behavior, reduced dynamics with single-sided collapses and the steep spiral and optimized handling draw the new "All-access" umbrella from gin gliders.

The Gin gliders Bolero 6 has 3 straps with 3 stem lines each on both sides. In addition to the apparent reduction of resistance through fewer lines and carrying straps, it is also easier to identify and sort the lines during the start preparation.

A very balanced paraglider

The handling of the Bolero 5 is exactly the right balance that one needs to develop optimally the instinctive abilities of a good pilot. The brakes are precise and yet forgiving. Flying curves is playful with perfect feedback, very coordinated and comfortable. The wing gives clear and easy-to-understand feedback that can be understood very well by the currents of the air. Lower cap movements give the pilot confidence and make him progress when flying in more agitated air.  All this means in sum: more joy in flying!

Technical Data gin gliders Bolero 6

 DESIGNED AREA22.32m224.22m226.36m228.60m230.93m234.10m2
 WING SPAN10.35m10.78m11.25m11.72m12.19m12.79m
 ASPECT RATIO4.804.804.804.804.804.80
 PROJECTED AREA19.37m221.02m222.88m224.82m226.85m229.60m2
 WING SPAN8.34m8.69m9.07m9.45m9.82m10.31m
 ASPECT RATIO3.593.593.593.593.593.59
 Surface Depth Center 2.68m2.79m2.91m3.04m3.16m3.31m
 NUMBER OF CELLS363636363636
 Weight4.2 kg4.45 kg4.7 kg5.0 kg5.25 kg5.7 kg
 Permissible Starting weight55 ~ 80kg65 ~ 90kg75 ~ 100kg85 ~ 110kg95 ~ 120kg105 ~ Kg














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Operating Manual of the gin gliders Bolero 6

Image and Text Source: Gin gliders