The Gin gliders Pegasus has successfully completed the DHV model test for the flight without paramotor in sizes 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30. For the flight with Paramotor, the glider has the DGAC Zualssung for all available screen sizes of 22 – 32.

According to the manufacturer, the gin gliders Pegasus is the perfect choice for you as the first motor glider. It is designed to provide the optimum balance between safety, comfort and handling, and it is also so versatile that you like to fly far with it.

Manufacturer description:

The Gin gliders Pegasus is the first gin wing designed specifically for flying with motor and the result of a unique teamwork. For the development of Pegasus, Gin gliders has formed a team with the motor glider pilot Laurent Salinas and the German paramotor manufacturer Fresh breeze. The result is a wing that will give you the best possible start in your career as a pilot, regardless of whether you choose the foot with engine or for the Motorschirmtrike or even for free flying without a motor.

Thanks to the new "s-inlets" entry openings, you will immediately feel that filling the cap and the start could not be easier. The Pegasus fills up gently with a minimum of effort. The very low minimum speed puts you in the air immediately and you have immediate control over the wing which practically has no tendency to follow the torque of the engine.

In flight, Gin's Equalized Pressure technology (EPT) means that the wing is stable in turbulence even at high speed. The wing has long control paths with increasing control pressure especially when you come near the stable point. This gives you a great margin of security. The excellent controllability at low speed also means that you can land comfortably with a wide range of conditions.

The Gin gliders Pegasus gives you the feedback you need to get an instinctive feeling for the air. Its gentle gliding allows you to find lines with little sinking or rising and if the air gets rougher then it gives you a good, subdued flight feeling. The result: You are always comfortable on the road and have great pleasure in your flights.

The modern 3-line design minimizes the resistance. In combination with the performance benefits of the EPT, which has a more efficient profile, this means that you can keep up with many wings of the sport class. The more practice you fly on the motor screen, the more you realize that the Pegasus is really versatile."(Source: Gin gliders)

Technical data:
 DESIGNED AREA22.22m224.12m226.26m228.50m230.83m234.00m2
 WING SPAN10.30m10.76m11.23m11.70m12.16m12.77m
 PROJECTED AREA19.29m220.94m222.80m224.74m226.76m229.50m2
 WING SPAN8.33m8.66m9.05m9.43m9.80m10.30m
 Surface Depth Center 2.7m2.8m2.9m3.0m3.2m3.3m
 NUMBER OF CELLS363636363636
 Weight5.0 kg5.3 kg5.5 kg5.8 kg6.2 kg6.8 kg
 Starting weight (without motor)55 ~ 75kg65 ~ 85kg75 ~ 95kg85 ~ 105kg95 ~ 115kg105-130kg
 Starting weight (with paramotor)65 ~ 110kg75 ~ 120kg85 ~ 130kg95 ~ 140kg99 ~ 160kg115-240kg
 Sample test (without engine) En/LTF AEn/LTF AEn/LTF AEn/LTF AEn/LTF A
















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DHV Test Report Gin gliders Pegasus

Text & Image Source: Gin gliders