Interesting facts about the paragliding helmet

A helmet is a helmet is a helmet... ­čÖé This is only conditioned?!
My actual approach was: the story of the choice of the right wing helmet is quickly told. Everything reliably protects the head against impact is allowed, whether Sonwboardhelm, ski helmet, full face helmet, or paragliding helmet ()ECE approval mark assuming). On Amazon There are already helmets between 30 and 50 euros that are good! Think... ­čÖü
Why simply when there are also standards, in our case DIN EN 966. The European standard specifies requirements and test procedures for protective helmets used in paragliding, hang-gliding and ultra-light flying. A cheap ski helmet does not always meet this European air sports standard. What the standard is good for and why paraglider helmets are higher in the European hierarchy of standards than paragliders, unfortunately does not quite open up to my understanding.

As soon as the DHV paraglider helmet up to date pages are appropriate I'll adjust this article accordingly. Until then stay with my input mentioned approach: A helmet is a helmet is a helmet! (this is only my own opinion and shall cause any purchasing decision)

Paragliding helmet types

Full face helmetsParagliding helmet

Integral helmets offer full all-round protection without limiting the field of vision and are my recommendation for beginners and flight students. Especially at the beginning of the training it may happen that instead of on both legs you involuntarily set off for the abdominal landing. If this abdominal landing is also added to the tailwind, then this will be critical. Luck in disguise if you land in a meadow, yet grass just tastes disgusting (I know that!) ­čÖé The Intgeralhelm therefore saves you the involuntary pulp intake and also protects your teeth. Certainly not a mispurchase!

Half shell helmet

Paragliding helmetThe classic among the helmets is the half-shell helmet which is also available in different versions. The simplest form of these helmets looks similar to a "lid" and is more likely to be used in biker. The part looks cool, but in our sport I think nothing has been lost.

The Jet helmet is the further development of the CAP and the more sensible alternative (available with or without visor). This significantly better protect in the side and in the back of the head and are therefore the classic half shell helmet.

The post picture (above) shows a full face helmet, which can be converted by means of removable chin guard to the half shell helmet. A special air sports helmet with well thought through concept and in my opinion a clear purchase recommendation. Not exactly cheap, no comparison to the above 30ÔéČ-Amazon-solutions and without a doubt worth the money.