Paragliding Flying Schools

You decided to learn paragliding, or would like to go on a trial course? Then you will be able to go directly to one of the numerous flight schools! The choice is made by a number of training establishments in Germany and abroad, with different offers and focal points. For example, most paragliding flight schools offer training in the Hangstart, while others, especially in the lowlands, are pulling their flight students into the air by wind. Therefore, only the start type is entered in the license, in which it was also trained. An extension to the different starting type requires further training in theory and practice.

The choice of the right flight school for paragliding can therefore not be answered at all and requires a bit of search work in the beginning. An air sports can also be interesting, because the training is usually much cheaper and the flight operations can be noticed more regularly. However, you have to integrate yourself into the club life, make hours of work and are therefore not so independent. It is possible to learn to fly regularly and in small steps. Especially the weather and the conditions play an essential role, especially for training. If you get caught at an air course now, a bad weather phase is in the blink of a week over, without any flight technology to do anything.

You should therefore pay attention to the following criteria when choosing paragliding flying schools:

  • Hangstart or winch towing?

Here is the question of how you want to get in the air. By winching you have of course the possibility to fly without ascent or lift. You depend on other people for that. The Hangstart, on the other hand, offers you more alternation, because soaring and grandiose alpine panorama you get only by Hangstart.

  • Holidays or holidays?

How much time you can spend decides how quickly the flight training runs. For example, a holiday can be wonderfully combined with an airtravel course. If you prefer to invest a few hours after work or weekends, you may be better off in a club with the appropriate options. Just check out the many different offers. The range of courses offered ranges from a few days over a whole week.

  • Nice weather guarantee possible?

In any case, you should pay attention to this point and inform you at the flight school. As mentioned at the beginning, we are especially dependent on the weather conditions. In order not to put the complete tuition fee into the sand by Peter ´, most flight schools offer a free or discounted training.

  • Panorama desired?

High peaks, rugged rocks and lush green pastures are not only nice to look at from the ground, but also from the air. Those who love the mountains and want to enjoy a great panorama during their training, choose one of the innumerable flying schools in the Alpine region. It is not for free the mecca of paragliders. However, make sure that the desired license is also recognized in your country. German and Austrian licenses are fully compatible with each other, while licenses from other countries require retraining and/or rewriting.

  • Trial course possible?

Still not sure if paragliding is right for you? Ask for a trial course at your flight school. Discounts are also often given during the subsequent visit to the basic training.

  • Get in touch!

The most important thing is to convince you personally of the respective paragliding flying schools. A call does not hurt and can contribute to the decision. Also inform yourself about the course of the training, offers and material that you have to bring yourself. Also of course experienced pilots can be consulted, or forums are browsed.

From our own experience, there are some significant differences between flight school and flight school in terms of the quality of the training itself and the material. With all the fun, the seriousness should not be too short, as far as security and mediation of the contents of the lesson are concerned. Simply to let the theory go, to be insufficiently on the students of the flight and old equipment is not needed. It is not pleasant to perform its first high altitude flights under ´ ner ol mat with the air permeability of a jute bag 😉

On the other hand, there are of course also numerous paragliding flying schools with excellent service, qualified flight instructors and material suitable for training.

The price was deliberately disregarded for two reasons. On the one side, the price differences of the individual flight schools are quite low, and on the other, one to two orange notes should not be the decisive if there is perhaps better training elsewhere.