Gradient Aspen 6 Test (DotU-series)

The Aspen 6 is gradient ´ s C-wing for the year 2017/18. I've flown all Aspen so far, and after the 5th version, with light yaw but very good sliding ratio especially on top speed, here comes the gradient Aspen 6 test in size 24. (70-90)

The start goes for a C-wing with 6, 4-stretching at 90 kg moderate to simple. In the air, the gradient Aspen 6 feels as if you were flying a higher-rated wing. At 90 kg it feels quite good. Not really overweight... I think it's exactly the weight as it should be. 88 to 90 kg... but could also be nice at 92 kg.

In turbulent air, the gradient Aspen 6 needs a good and active piloting for a C-wing. He needs a little more pilot control than a Cayenne 5.

The braking distance is moderate to light. Much lighter than the Delta 3 and Sigma 10, which I also tested. The ability to circle the gradient Aspen 6 is not as dynamic as the S10, Delta 3, or the Cayenne 5. The gradient Aspen 6 needs a little guidance and more finesse to crank in a similar way. But you could describe him as "pretty agile."

The climb is very good compared to a Delta 3 MS! I noticed this in the common nebeneinder flying with other umbrellas, (Delta 3 MS at 94 and Aspen 6 24 at 90) that the gradient of Aspen 6 showed a "slightly" better climb!

I felt especially in weak conditions, the ability of the Aspen 6 Dahinzuschweben. But even in strong air the rate of gradient Aspen 6 was very nice!

A comparison of the sliding lines of the two wings showed me after a while that this gradient of the Aspen 6 24 can really approximate! Even at 5-7 km/h over trim.

Under the gradient Aspen 6 you have the feeling that you have a finely tuned 7-er glider with 6.4-er stretching... so it is just... in turbulent air there are no annoying Pitchbewegungen. But still some efficient. The Aspen 6 dances a bit in turbulent air...

... yet much more convenient than a poison 3 xs for example. Similar to a LM6 s in feeling, but with longer and lighter brakes. Large ears are stable and open on command.

Conclusion: The legendary swift handling is unfortunately no longer available in the shape with the gradient Aspen, as it was still on the Aspen 1, 2 and 3... That's just a fact. But it seems that gradient aims at performance efficiency as the main objective with honest handling.

Definitely, the gradient Aspen 6 as well as the Aspen 5 is a very efficient C-wing for this category. It requires more active flying like a Sigma 10 or even the Delta 3. But for a good pilot, this could be the limit to more efficiency. I did not try the 26 Aspen, (I think one flies here in the area + 105 kg), maybe he feels a little different... so I hope that many pilots will test him out and give me feedback as well.




Screen test and release by Ziad Bassil ()

Thank you Ziad for your support!

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