Win harnesses with the Nova XC challenge

The Austrian paraglider Nova is leading its Nova XC-Challenge, a brand-internal track-flight competition, also 2017 fort. Pilots flying a Nova paraglider simply load their flights on and automatically participate in the competition. As the Phantom as a new range-fit glider complements the Tyrolean manufacturer's programme, there are now five classification categories: Prion, ion, mentor, Triton – and Phantom. Winner will be at the end of the season of that pilot with the point best flight. The winners will be awarded a Nova harness of choice. Details on

For many years Nova has been consistently concentrating on track flying. To show this in an interesting way, the Austrian 2015 on their website introduced the brand-internal Nova XC challenge.

To participate, pilots simply upload their flights to The Nova system analyzes the score and automatically creates the rankings of the Nova XC challenge. For pilots who want to take part, it is important to use the correct model name because the system does not recognize flights with incorrectly named screens. The Nova XC Challenge – as well as the season on – runs until September 30th.

Winner is the pilot with the point best flight in the categories prion, Ion, mentor, Triton as well as Phantom. It does not necessarily have to be the most up-to-date screen version, even flights with older models apply. The winner in each category can look forward to a nova harness of choice.

Employees of Nova, team pilots, importers and resellers are excluded from the winning of the challenge. The rankings show their flights anyway.

Good news in the Triton Category: The double winner Armin Leitner from Osttirol has now been added to the Nova pilots team. So he can't defend his title.

There is also the ' Hall of Fame ' with the best flights of all time and the current rating ' Nova today '. Here you will find the best flights of the day, no matter what model. No prizes will be awarded for these two leaderboards. Finally, there is an "eternal leaderboard" on the website of the individual screen models with the ten best flights of this glider. This way everyone can see the potential of this model.

More about Nova on and the Nova XC challenge on

(Source: Nova Vertriebs-Gesellschaft m. B. h)