IPPI-MAP (International pilot Proficiency information)

If you are tempted to go into the air with the paraglider abroad, you should apply for the IPPI card/card. It not only simplifies international flying, but is also obligatory in some countries, including Italy.

Since 1992, the IPPI card, also known as the Certificate of Proficiency for Kite and paragliders, has been issued by the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) and its member organisations to holders of an air driver's license. In Germany you can contact the DHV and after a transfer and a short time you get your IPPI card in the size of a check card. With a foreign license you have to contact the respective National association. In addition, the IPPI card gives in different classifications according to the training of the pilot. So the card is issued in so-called levels. In Germany, there are levels 4 and 5, where level 4 is the A license and level 5 of the B license. In this way, off-road operators and authorities abroad, who are not familiar with foreign licenses, can use the IPPI card to insure which can be demonstrated by the pilot.

However, the IPPI card does not grant any insurance cover or similar. It is also valid only in conjunction with the Air driver's license.

Tip: Ask at the flight school during the training and request the IPPI card directly. So you have it ready, if it goes to fly abroad and are on the safe side.

Facts check:

  • Facilitate paragliding abroad, in some countries even mandatory
  • Different IPPI card levels for different flight licenses
  • Price: €15.50 for DHV members

€26.00 for non-members