The Mac para Elan 2 has successfully completed the DHV pattern test in size 33.

According to the manufacturer, the design of the Mac para Elan 2 as a Semilight screen could improve the handling once again, the sporty agility of the predecessor has remained. The cap gives good feedback at all times and is very stable. Whether weak conditions in the lowlands or demanding Alpine thermals, the Elan 2 supports you.

Manufacturer description:

With the Elan, Mac Para in the year 2014 brought a groundbreaking screen to the market that combined in a unique way, enormous performance with an absolutely uncritical extreme flight behavior.  The ELAN still inspires many pilots worldwide. The Mac Para Elan 2 continues this path consistently. It is suitable for all performance-hungry and safety-conscious pilots, which are important for excellent handling. The Elan 2 is designed as a Semilight screen and weighs only 4.6 kg in the most minor version."(Source: Mac para technology)"

Technical data:
Elan 2
22 (XS)
Elan 2
24 (S)
Elan 2
26 (M)
Elan 2
28 (L)
Elan 2
30 (XL)
Elan 2
33 (XXL)
Elan 2
38 (XXL)
Zoom [%]899296100104109117.5
Surface [m designed2]22.1823.725.82830.2833.2738.66
Area projected [m2]18.8220.1121.923.7625.728.2332.8
Span laid out [m]11.7912.1912.7213.2513.7814.4415.57
Aspect ratio designed6.
Wing depth [m]2.342.422.522.632.742.873.09
Number of cells63636363636363
Screen weight [kg]4.454.
Weight [kg] *.55-7070-9082-10292-112105-130115-145145-180
Min. speed [km/h]23-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-25
Trim speed [km/h]38-4038-4038-4038-4038-4038-4038-40
Maximum speed [km/h]55-5655-5655-5655-5655-5655-5655-56
Floating max.10.510.510.510.510.510.510.5
Min. sink rate [m/s]


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DHV test report Mac para illusion:

Text & Image Source: Mac para technology