The Mac Para Paradis has successfully completed the DHV pattern test in sizes 22 – 32.

According to the manufacturer, Mac Para, with the Mac Para paradis, despecks the Eden 6 by more than one kg, making it a perfect hike & fly screen without compromising from its high-performance intermediate.

Manufacturer description:

The Mac Para Paradis has the same high gliding performance as the Eden 6 and is perhaps even more precise to control by using light materials. The balance between perfect, easy-to-handle handling and enormous performance is also the outstanding feature of the design at Paradis. The Mac Para Paradis has 56 cells and an impressive stretching of 5.9. The linen geometry helps the cap to become an extremely smooth wing profile. Diagonal V-ribs and a system of Spannbänderner give a stable surface and influence the screen positively in extreme maneuvers of flight. The cap is very fold resistant and stable. With provoked rattles of 50%, the screen does not turn off quickly and opens within 50 ° degrees independently. Its brakes are very precise and make turning in the thermals a breeze. The Paradis also accepts minimal climbing and can be centered very easily."(Source: Mac para technology)"

Technical data:
Zoom [%]8892.596100104109
Surface [m designed2]21.5423.7925.6327.8130.0833.04
Area projected [m2]18.4520.3821.9523.8225.7628.3
Span laid out [m]11.2811.8612.3112.8213.3313.97
Aspect ratio designed5.915.915.915.915.915.91
Wing depth [m]2.462.582.682.792.93.04
Number of cells565656565656
Screen weight [kg]3.854.
Weight [kg] *.55-7570-9078-10090-112105-130115-145
Min. speed [km/h]23-2523-2523-2523-2523-2523-25
Trim speed [km/h]37-3937-3937-3937-3937-3937-39
Maximum speed [km/h]50-5250-5250-5250-5250-5250-52
Floating max.+10+10+10+10+10+10
Min. sink rate [m/s]


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DHV test report mac Para paradis:

Text & Image Source: Mac para technology