Meanwhile, now also the September winners by me were drawn and already published on Facebook. I would like to name namely yet again all winners, because not everyone of my readers using the social media channel. Also I must thank here again especially when the previous sponsors... winner

The lucky winners of the previous three draws in the market are:

  • Isabel Sauvonnet (WINS the NOVA hike & fly package)
  • Astrid Mentzik (WINS the SQR of companion rescue)
  • Alex Dede (WINS the Syride Vario Altis)
  • Adrian Encasedelhero Buenassargalletas (WINS the Skybean mini Vario)
  • Thomas Bick (WINS the sliding screen book of dreams)

All the winners in this way once again congratulations! Astrid and Isabel Meanwhile delighted with their price (a photo of the two winners would this map have been quite suitable, gell). I will send the prices of the September draw the next few days.

Special thanks to these sponsors! A big thank YOU to:

What's next now in the market?

Pending more monthly giveaways! There's a big thank you for their support even more sponsors, also on this now!

For the time being, the Raffles adjusted by me but until further notice. WIR will do maintenance work in the near future and are all fresh in again soon for you. And then there is also something to win again... 🙂 If you are interested in being a sponsor in one of the next raffle rounds, simply write me a non-binding!

The shop

With my contribution to the Tablet test have I torn my new shop so soon...

In the adjusted by me paragliding gadgets that have convinced myself or that I even use. The initial bug with the high shipping cost is fixed now. Thanks to Hannes for the note! (y)

Here my request, knows their gadgets or particularly useful tools in flight schools not to buy there, please write to me. I would like to compete with the shop of any flight school, therefore I'm looking more for the individual, after extraordinary, perhaps even after creations...

Despite some weather wish I you all some good flyable days, and always happy landing...