With the paragliding around the world

I admit, I'm superficial... I like to look at beautiful (paragliding) pictures and let myself be influenced by this sometimes. And that was the reason that moved me to my photo project "Paraglide around the world".

May I introduce you:

The "Paraglide around the world" photo world map (< < Just click me!)


What is that?

Tattaaa... a photo world map, I sly Fox 🙂 – great pictures with the paraglider or paramotor – worldwide and "interactive", that means you can interact with the card and it also moves something. And what? The paragliding images are all geo-tagged and show you when you click the pictures with the red marker on the map directly the location of the recording (and that moves). 😉

And for what fun?

First, because the images all look cool and worth being presented to an audience!

and secondly, because in one of my last searches for appealing paragliding holiday homes, I went enormously on the pointer to click through various Internet offers, through Google Maps, Paragliding365, Paraglidingearth and various other pages just to get a To find ideas for my next paragliding holiday. Luxury problem-I know already! 🙂

Don't get me wrong, the aforementioned websites provide top information about the respective flight areas, start-/Landeplatzinfos etc... But what if I'm just a little superficial and I'm primarily guided by a beautiful optic?!

My plan: Uncomplicated and in a short time without much research effort to see many interesting spots. Something like this will start me already adhoc and I decide "I love it, I want to fly". And only then will the flight area information be researched... and then booked sometime.

So I've spent the last weeks and months on it and have collected paragliding images and geodata from all over the world.

The result is a interactive photo card with lots of great paragliding images around the globe – with location info, i.e. you can see directly on the map where the picture was taken. Perhaps the card will also help the one or other flier in the search for new spots.

And if you don't have the luxury problem and would like to be inspired by the choice of the next paragliding holiday, just take a look at the pictures and be happy – are nice shots and flying spots!!

Looking for paragliding images!!

On the "with the paragliding around the world" world map There are still many empty spots and the project is to evolve naturally. I am therefore very grateful for every appealing paragliding photo for the further development of the paraglide around the world thought.

So if you want to share one or another great picture with the world, just send your recording by mail to Worldmap@paragliding.de ! In addition, I need the coordinates, perhaps a short story as well as your confirmation that you as a rightsholder are granted permission to use this project. Zack – The picture will be part of the "Paraglide around the World" Worldmap!

And now I wish you a lot of fun while rummaging and inspiring...

Fly Smooth – Fly safe – fly with Happy landings


Link: "Paraglide around the world" photo world map