The Nova Mentor 5 Light has successfully completed the DHV pattern test in the size XS to M.

According to the manufacturer, the Nova Mentor 5 Light is the easy version of the master of his class, the Mentor 5. It weighs about 25% less and is much smaller to pack than the normal version, but brings all the positive features. This makes him the all-rounder and gives you the freedom to practise almost any type of paragliding: from the mountain cruising to hike & fly, paragliding, to the ambitious track Flying or vol-BIV.

Manufacturer description:

Small packing size – low weight. The Mentor 5 Light brings all the benefits of the normal version, but weighs about 25% less in the respective size and you can pack it much smaller. The other differences compared to the Mentor 5:

  • At the start the cap fills up even better and increases slightly due to the lower mass. Ideal for alpine starting places.
  • Experienced pilots feel a little more feedback from the cap.
  • As with all light versions, the folding and above all the reopening behavior is a little less dynamic."(Source: Nova Vertriebsgesellschaft M.B.H.)

Technical data

Number of cells59595959
Projected span8,438,879,299,70
Projected area18,4920,4622,4424,45
Projected stretching3,843,843,843,84
Set span10,8611,4211,9612,48
Designed area21,8424,1626,4928,88
Laid out stretching5,45,45,45,4
Linen diameter0.65/1/1.2
Linen length6,436,767,087,39
Total linen length233245257268
Max profile Depth2,482,612,732,85
Min. Profile depth0,450,470,490,51
Weight 3,353,553,84,05
Approved Weight Range55-8070-9080-10090-110
Approval (en/LTF)BBBB



Product information on the manufacturer's website

DHV test report Mac para illusion:

Text & Image Source: NOVA Vertriebsgesellschaft M.b.h..