When a door before us closes, another opens. The tragedy, however, is that one looks on the closed door and not noticed the open. (André Gide (1869-1951), French) Writer, 1947 Nobelpr.)

So similar to the current regulation in the DHV second-hand market currently could be described. There namely doors for international entrants as of 01 June were locked. The local trade in equipment (for sale) is reserved, since that time which in turn (and who is famously not small) leaves the rest of the aviation world before closed doors only DHV members.

The DHV justified this drastische action with increasingly growing cases of fraud and would complicate future scammers by verification by DHV membership the craft. This is also somewhere to understand, although there had been perhaps other options for user verification.

You can the question arise Nevertheless, whether a such drastische restriction from an economic perspective for the market participants is at all desirable or beneficial. The DHV has answered this question apparently with "Yes", otherwise he would have not taken this step.

I personally see it but a little differently:

I have to sell several times my used equipment via the DHV second-hand market abroad and referred in this regard also equipment from other countries. Spain, Poland, Czech Republic or else where and had no problems. This seller circle (which is Yes as you know not small) falls in the future flat... so, at least in the DHV second-hand market for me and this is not beneficial for me as a buyer, and therefore "no" there's a from me for this, I don't like that also...

So what to do? Annoy brings we know nothing... not... grumble, think... think... Identify opportunities and use sounds great ()a recruiter told me). And so it happened then so the idea for its own market Court... was born!

After a short competitor search I came across then Patrick's ad market Classiflyds, which, as it seems, also the opportunities detected, only just a little earlier...

Work not against each other, but with each other…, Using synergies…, Combined core competencies... all are terribly clever phrases that at some times called to terribly clever people me in recent years. It all makes sense now...  At last!!! So I put myself together with Patrick and we were quick to agree.

Patrick and I are together in the future work on the project market place and for us pilots place a attractive and non-regulated market in the scene with combined core competence.

"Classiflyds therefore the move and will immediately as"Paragliding market"under the domain market.paragliding.de be available for you. The name change is necessary and serves us in the future as a solid base to operate also a targeted international Offpage search engine marketing in addition to an optimized OnPage-.

Suitable to the relaunch and move on paragliding.de we hold several Raffles attractive prices in collaboration with sponsors and partners. An introduction to the new Paragliding.de marketplace as well as the details become the first photo I post soon in a separate post.

Link to the paragliding market