Hacker para RC backpack set l EVO Backpack motor glider 67057102

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Para-RC Backpack-set L EVO the Backpack motor is the most frequently used flight system. This is the kit version of the set. The set-up is simple and done in one evening. The powerful A30-8XL brushless motor gives the "para-RC backpack-set L EVO" plenty of power and keeps a lot of reserves ready. With two zippers the access to the battery and the weight compartment is very simple. The "para-RC backpack-set L EVO" is perfectly suited for the backpacking engine flying and specially designed for this purpose. High quality products of Hacker Motor GmbH are part of the set. The set was compiled by our para-RC specialists Sascha Rentel and Martin Vilsmeier for you. It leaves no wishes open and the different prefabrication stages allow you to start quickly. All our systems are modular and you can combine them well. It is designed for a "RC-nexus Hybrid" screen. Also the cultivation of the Motorschirmtrikes "AIRBULL" as conversion kit is possible. Which screens with which flight systems harmonize can always be found on the respective pages of our RC paragliding screens. Recommended Paragliders (not included in scope of delivery.): RC Nexus Hybrid Set content: A30-8XL v4 para operating Instructions Backpack motor-Kit L 2x APC Thin Electric 10 * 5 prop para-RC pilot "Robin" 2x Savöx servos SA-1256TG para-RC metal seat EVO para-RC harness EVO para-RC Plastic Arms para-RC Acro-redirection para-RC ALU-Servo Para-RC mix para-RC Mounting kit/SCHRAUBENSTZ para-RC bracket for backpack motor para-RC Propkäfig (metal, 12 ″) para-RC Shackle 3, 5mm (2-pack) Speed Controller X-70-SB-Pro Para

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