SKY Aeon M / DotU test series

The Sky Aeon is the new EN-D from Sky-Paraliders with the D-Class. It has an aspect ratio of 7 and a 3-line configuration.

The start is homogeneous and simple. It resembles the launch behavior of the LM6.

In the air at 93kg setup the stopping distances for initiating a turn are relatively moderate to short and the reaction of the paraglider in homogeneous but strong thermals is quite good and the Sky Aeon could be described as quite agile. In turbulent air and restless thermals, an implication is needed to draw a clean turn because I could feel the aspect ratio. Similar to the LM6 in this respect.
The difference is that the LM6 brake is a little tighter and feels more like a block, the Sky Aeon's feels a little tougher, a little less feeling on the brakes and less dynamic movement under the given conditions.

The trim speed of the Sky Aeon M at 93 is about +1.5 km/h more than an LM6 S (70-85) at 85 rpm or an LM6 MS at 95 rpm. Gliding in calm air is very similar. Gliding in turbulent air is also very similar. The difference came at first slightly bar in turbulent air, where the comfortable movements of the Sky Aeon could lead to a somewhat more floating result. But it's really very small.... And practically the differences in this case will come from the pilot. The C-control works well with this 3-liner. Certainly not comparable with 2 liners, but still nice to prevent a moderate pitch behaviour in turbulences.

But I was impressed by the rate of climb of the Sky Aeon, which showed me a slightly faster climb than the LM6 on several occasions, especially with sudden thermals or strong cores. It seems that the Aeon turns every move into an ascent, which is quite an efficient tool for cross country. This could also be felt in the moving air, where the Sky Aeon could be a beautiful, efficient swimmer under these conditions, surfing into the air mass instead of bucking and losing glide. Actually, the 7-er aspect ratio of the Sky Aeon has given me a D-class performance that differs from a high performance C-class glider because it is able to transform the turbulent air into good and even glide characteristics.

The differences in behavior between the LM6 and the Sky Aeon are very different, as a pilot will appreciate the stiffer feel of the LM6 and the connection to brake pressure, as well as the softer canopy feel, but (still very coherent) that of the Aeon with a softer but still responsive brake feel.
When I said that, I could also feel that the Sky Aeon gave me the overall feel of a D glider in relatively strong air, as it needed precise pilot handling to confirm her placement in this class.

The ears are stable and need a pilot pulse to reopen.

Conclusion Sky Aeon

With the Sky Aeon, Sky has developed a comfortable but efficient EN-D glider for the pilots required. Very good climbing behaviour, very nice gliding in the accelerator. Lightweight and comfortable to fly for pilots flying Category D gliders.

That's just my opinion. Why don't you make your own?


Pictures, screen test and release for publication by ZiadBassil(

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