Skytraxx - connects Skytraxx FANET

Three days left to the thermal mass 2017 in Sindelfingen - and finally first interesting concepts and ideas into the public eye seep from manufacturer's website. Skytraxx presents a particularly exciting because security-related innovation this year... Skytraxx FANET!

What it's about?

FANET means"Flying ad-hoc networks"and an automatic data networking by flight instruments represents a social network similar to. The possibilities of the a such live pilot network during the flight in offers when it comes to safety and flight planning are manifold and therefore already now arouse my interest!

In Skytraxx ´ official news release, the manufacturer announces more info on FANET for the this year's Termikmesse:

"On February 18 on the thermal mass in Sindelfingen, SKYTRAXX presents a completely new technology: Skytraxx FANET"

FANET means "flying ad-hoc networks", and provides an automatic network of flight instruments with each other. In addition, the instruments upon receipt with a ground station to replace data. Skytraxx FANET is based on traditional and free wireless technology in real time. Ground stations are installed primarily on landing but also on starting-places, are equipped with an anemometer and connect to the Internet.

He sees for example on his instrument wind strength and wind direction at the landing site. On his device, he sees other pilots who carry an instrument with this technology. Depending on what the other up 30 km distant pilot releases of data you can see who he is, where he is on what level it is and maybe even what platform values. This technology offers also emergency scenarios (send emergency, search help, announcements, etc.) and free Livetracking. The individual instruments equipped with Skytraxx FANET work itself as a relay station between the base station and other instruments. Once more as an instrument is switched on instantly and automatically creates a network. More FANET instruments within reach then automatically in the FANET network a. The pilot can adjust on his device its parameters (what data will he give, what would he receive Livetracking Yes/No, etc.), everything else works automatically.

SKYTRAXX will make available an open standard for this technology so that other manufacturers can participate. It is clear: the more instruments with Skytraxx FANET are equipped, the system is comparable to the more useful with a social network.

Probably all landing there per country flares provided to the wind situation. Also Lee zones or hazards are known. This information knows the ground station and selects the correct country volte of in accordance with prevailing wind situation for the incoming pilots. Based on this data, it guides the pilot until landing. The ground station "sees" the pilots and of course other pilots equipped with FANET instruments nearby. The pilot is still responsible to monitor the airspace of with regard to all other influences and to respond. A ground station can send for example messages (hair dryer, thunderstorm, rescue, emergency, competition, PR, etc.) within a defined RADIUS. The ground station has Internet wind data and information to the starting or landing area via Internet can be queried. Of course, there is also information about resident flying schools and clubs per station. The hosting service via the WebServer by Skytraxx. Also the Livetracking is running on this server. The possibilities by FANET are seemingly endless.

Skytraxx FANET is presented to public for the first time on the thermal mass. In the autumn, the system and the production is as far as developed, that can be started with the sale of the instruments on the occasion of the Coupe Icare. Existing devices such as the Skytraxx 2.0 plus and 3.0 can be upgraded to FANET. "From the device Skytraxx 2.0 will fall plus and 3.0 FANET as well as it is today without FANET be available."

Source and gallery image: Skytraxx GmbH


My simple conclusion of Skytraxx previous day is as follows: The idea is cool !!! -Although not completely new! 🙂

In the automotive industry, global corporations already work to Digitalsierung and networking of vehicles. There this is a spannnendes and valuable topic with infinite possibilities (see Race to the customers - overview of the opportunities arising from vehicle networking and automation).

And for us paragliders... 🙂 Yes there a group of tireless tinkerer in a hidden closet of the United Kingdom's works since mid 2016 on the project is called this idea- AirWhere and has interesting parallels to the Skytraxx FANET. FANET is the idea of a pilot LiveVernetzung but now series or wide fit!


Skytraxx caution!, I'm coming on the thermal mass then visit you... and I have many questions in your luggage! 🙂