Supair Delight 3 test / DotU test series

I could already test the Delight 2 and still have one here with a friend. So I can compare both harnesses with each other. In this test I will also compare the Supair Delight 3 M with the GTO, GTO Light, as well as the Lightness 2 M.

For starters, it looks like all the materials used on the Supair Delight 3 have been improved over the Delight 2. The overall construction also seems to be much better. The rear storage compartment is a little bigger.

The rescue system works in an innovative way and it looks very neat.
The chest strap system and the seating position look and feel identical. The chest strap lies flat on the adjustment system and can be easily reached and adjusted, as with the GTO Light and GTO Light. Gin Race 4.

Getting into the leg bag is easy.

I flew the Alpina 3 in size S with the same load on both the GTO - Light and the Delight 3 on 3 consecutive days ... and in our Cedars - flying area it goes in August to the middle of the day round!
"Finally the weather is improving... :-)"

In turbulent air and hard thermals the GTO-Light and Lightness 2 would shake me back and forth and it would require a quick counter-steer weight shift to maintain the level, the Delight 3-Abs system would compensate 60% of it. This job allows the pilot to concentrate on thermal quality and flight direction and precision.

Under the same tested C-wing, I found out that the Supair Delight 3 would compensate these dynamic thrusts in strongly moving air from left to right.
It is a question of personal feeling whether someone wants this feature or not.
I personally like the feeling under the GTO Light, which makes you feel like a swallow ... It's clear that I could turn this hammer thermals "guided" faster and easier in strong air, just because I wasn't shaken back and forth ... and that's a remarkable feature that should be taken into account even in strong conditions, when the chest strap is also wide open.

In weak conditions, the GTO Light's weight shift control is remarkably easier to initiate, as it is in light air. I thought it was cool to open the chest strap of the Delight 3 to feel these little movements when the thermals are weaker at the end of the day. The roll feeling is still there, but much less.

The size of the Supair Delight 3 in M for my 181cm and 73 kg are perfect. I feel that I am in the middle of his weight/size range.
The backrest and seating position of the Delight 3 are quite comfortable. I can't compare the comfort of a seat belt with a harness, because the harnesses like the GTO Light or Lightness 2 have the homogeneous feel of a hammock, but I can clearly confirm a very good back comfort for the Delight 3.

The front instrument holder is at right angles and the front pocket is large enough for storage.
Under the seat you can easily store 5 kg of ballast.

The accelerator has two stages and the deflection pulleys provide a gentle thrust.
One of the things I still expected would be a rear inflatable Bürzel, on this seat board belt that would be an interesting thing! ... Probably I'm just too picky ...

Conclusion Supair Delight 3

The Supair Delight 3 offers an excellent flight feeling and provides soft and balanced feedback from the air.

I would say the Supair Delight 3 is a pretty interesting harness to fly under some dynamic wings.
Of course it is a question of settings and harness usage, but if you want to fly for hours in similar conditions, some pilots will be able to use the extra energy released by compensating the glider movements for more flight efficiency.

Beautiful feel, lightweight, can be packed to compact size, comfortable for a seat board harness. Do you already know the feeling under the Delight 2, then you know what I mean, if not the test flight could become an interesting thing.


Pictures, screen test and release for publication by ZiadBassil(

Thank you Ziad for your support!


Source of the videos: Youtube channel of SupAir