How dangerous is paragliding?

I have been thinking for a long time whether or how I approach the topic of safety when paragliding. is paragliding safe? What dangers are there when paragliding flies? Is paragliding dangerous or not? How dangerous is paragliding?

Personally, I'm more of a defensive flier, some may also think I'm a cat. If, for example, I am observing polished clouds or developments in the sky, I would like to stay on the ground while the pros are still starting to loose and fly insane distance miles. This does not make me anything – I have simply decided to go for sporting or borderline weather conditions not to fly. So I have reduced the danger of paragliding in terms of the weather for me personally at least ever.

I also reduce the danger of paragliding during the start and landing phase. Why or How? I am in my opinion a tip-top handlers, spend a lot of time with the screen on the meadow can very well feel what the umbrella does over me. And ground is, in my opinion, almost half the time, but in another post.

Despite all the preparation – something can always happen! I have already happened that I suddenly find myself in a Leesituation again or have to let myself, for example, in Lanzarote through an ash-coming cold air outflow to the hinterland had to be blown (Brenzliche situation). But I was already in the tree Gleandet and had to be recovered by rescue forces. Except for a new set of lines and a bit of Gekränktem pride, I have also overcome this situation with no harm – Toi Toi toi!

Paragliding is no longer a risk sport – but there is still a residual risk. I had to witness a nasty accident in the nearby circle and in the well-known circle I also know several casualties that do not operate the paragliding sport because of the risk. So I do not want to write to you in possibly Trügererische security. Paragliding is not safe. But:

Maximum seriousness when flying leads to maximum fun – and to the highest level of safety!

Source of this accurate quote is the following video which I would highly recommend to you in the question "How dangerous is paragliding":

Accident Statistics DHV

If you want to take a closer look at the accident statistics of the DHV, you can find them at: Accident Statistics DHV

How can I operate paragliding safely?

Not at first! As written there is no 100% safety when paragliding, there is always a residual risk. Nevertheless, a lot of practicing and much groundhandeln and a lot of flying and and and... in my opinion, a lot of flying also means a lot of safety That's why I often go to a meadow or a small starting hill with the umbrella and practice starting, landing, playing and Touch & go at the most different wind strengths. The more practice the more your own competence, the more safety in flying!

Other ways to reduce the risk of paragliding:

  • Assessing the weather situation correctly
  • Don't overestimate yourself
  • Groundhandeln/Practise a lot
  • Don't go with bad feeling flying
  • No unnecessary risk
  • 5-point Check when starting

How safe is paragliding-summary

Paragliding is a safe sport with residual risk! The residual risk is not negligible and in the worst case can cost life. In my opinion, it is not easy to make sense and willingness to take risks! Those who act recklessly, negligently or risk-ready are not only endangering themselves but also our sport. Exercise and good preparation can reduce the risk of paragliding but not completely exclude.