How much does paragliding cost?

In my circle of acquaintances I am often asked how much does paragliding fly. An exact answer, I remain mostly guilty due to the complexity and answer with a superficial "depending"... Nevertheless, I would like to give a rough overview of what the paraglider flies around costs.

Cost of paragliding training

The cost of paragliding is just as much as the cost of equipment investment costs. The costs for your paragliding training vary depending on the flight school, but they move roughly on a similar level.

For example, the A-license (a-ticket) will cost about 1000,-and the over-land Authorization B-license (b-ticket) will be supplemented by approx. 300,-. Further trainings such as safety training, supervised flying, winds, Auffrischerkurse are not taken into account, because this is about the basic costs to be able to fly independently.

With roundabout approx. €1500 training costs you are on the safe side and can fly legally in Germany or abroad

Paragliding equipment costs

The costs of paragliding equipment are also included in the investment costs. Depending on your wishes, these are from approx. €2000 for good used equipment and in case of a repurchase in the area of several thousand euros.

If you want to buy a new paragliding equipment, you will need:

A new paragliding equipment will cost you from about €4000. I did not take into account additional equipment such as Vario, Actioncam, special umbrellas or harnesses because you do not necessarily need to get into the air at the beginning.

How much does paragliding fly

Paragliding equipment costs

I recommend you a good used equipment just for the beginning of your aviation career. You can check whether you like the hobby and gain initial experience. Just as a beginner, it happens quickly that the glider lands at the start or at the Groundhandeln in the hedge or hangs somewhere. It does not necessarily have to be a new equipment from the outset, even if it seems to be in the interest of some flying schools to sell new material. Care on supposed special offers for flight beginners... first check, then test, then buy – and look forward!

Ask the flight school of your trust simply whether you have something good used for you to practice and learn. And don't even decide on the first offer, but also try out harnesses and paragliders. You must feel in the harness as well as under your umbrella.  

Running paragliding costs

In addition to the investment costs for your training and equipment, you also have recurring running costs. These costs are at least:

  • Paragliding liability insurance approx. 50,-/a
  • RePack the rescue device approx. 35,-/a
  • Paragliding Check (every 2 years) CA, 150,-

Costs for DHV, paragliding Club, special insurance (e.g. accident) are not necessarily necessary and are therefore not included in my statement. The above mentioned costs are therefore the minimum.

And how much does paragliding cost??

The actual flying doesn't cost you anything – except maybe your spare time. The infrastructure to get to fly costs money, of course. I have confined myself to the necessary costs. This does not include excursions, fuel costs, lift costs, start and landing fees, etc...

A trip by car naturally costs more than a trip on foot. The mountain is also available for free on foot but can also be conquered with a paid lift pass. A flying holiday to Brazil costs more like a trip to the Alps. I do not think that a general cost is a target.  

Paragliding Cost Summary

The cost of paragliding in order to get into the air independently is manageable, yet you have to reckon with a wager of several thousand euros. However, the sky is open to you... you will experience the world like a bird from above and then broaden your horizons! Whether these experiences are worth the paragliding flies can now everyone decide for themselves (I mean already) 🙂