Woody Valley GTO Light / DotU Test Series

My main and long tested harnesses were the GTO in L and XL, the Connect Race XL which was the WVGTO and was slightly modified for further options, the X-rated 6 in L and XL. 
I personally liked the configuration of these harnesses and the way they transmit rolling movements in the air. Probably the GTO and Connect Race sometimes transmit the turbulent and sharp air mass a little bit more, but under the given conditions they are really nice to fly. 

I have here the Woody Valley GTO Light in sizes M and L. Woody Valley has changed its size and the new GTO Light in size M is "slightly" bigger than the old GTO L! 

For my 1,81 and 73 kg the GTO Light M size fits me perfectly. I also tried the L size, but it seems a little too big to me. Could be all right... But I prefer the M-size tight fit. 

The Woody Valley GTO Light does not have a seat board, but the pilot sits on a firm and flat back protection, which more or less conveys a good, solid seat feeling. But it's not a solid seat board feeling. 

The rescue locker seems big enough for big rescuers. A Rogallo guy, can fit easily. 

The Woody Valley GTO Light's comfortable sitting position for back and hips is excellent. It resembles the best comfortable harnesses. The GTO Light is much more comfortable to sit on than the old GTO, Connect Race, X-rated 6 and comes very close to the Forza and Lightness 2 in terms of back support and comfort. 

As far as the rolling movements are concerned, they seem to be less informative than a Lightness 2, for example, and very close to the old GTO. The possibilities of weight shifting are excellent! 
I was able to shift weight really efficiently by balancing my weight much better on the reversing side than the Supair Delight 1 or 2 and of course better than the X-rated 6. 

I can say that in the Woody Valley GTO Light there is a balanced roll movement to ensure a comfortable flight because the movements are precise and accurate. In Lightness 2 and Imprint 3, the induced rolling movements due to entering the thermals were not really homogeneous, as I mentioned in these tests, but in Woody Valley GTO Light they deliver exactly what the air does without parasitic or unnecessary yaw movements. 
The legs are naturally supported and require no effort from the pilot to keep them straight.

The speed system is the same as the old GTO with 3 steps and yet easy to use. 
The chest strap is easily adjustable as the adjustment is flat on the top of the front strap. The cockpit is at a right angle, the settings can be changed in flight if they are not secured by a loop. But it's better to adjust them before the flight. 

The leg bag seems warm enough. But I have to wait till winter to be sure..... 
The Woody Valley GTO Light doesn't look so fragile for its weight. I mean, it looks solid enough for a light harness. There is also a good back storage compartment for storage. 
I added a small ball with a rubber band to the accelerator to ensure the correct entry as with the Forza, as I had difficulty entering. 

Conclusion Woody Valley GTO Light

All in all I like the harness. I think Woody Valley has created a very nice lightweight harness with a high seating comfort, a harness with an inflatable tail for more aerodynamics and practically everything a pilot needs.



Pictures, screen test and release for publication by ZiadBassil(www.DustoftheUniverse.com)

Thank you Ziad for your support!


Source of the videos: Youtube channel of Woody Valley